Hood Connection Sound Kits

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The Hood Connection is over 500 awesome hip hop sounds for hip hop music production. This is a hook up for any producer doing hip hop music whether it is Dirty south, East coast, West coast, Midwest beats, the Hood Connection has you covered.

When you join hiphopandrapbeats.com, you get this kit and thousand of other hot sounds just like this. The Hood Connection is a very hot collection of sounds.





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  • This Kit Instant Download and available with membership
  • Over 400 Sounds
  • Kick Drums, Snare Drums, EFX, Loops, Guitar Sounds, Hi Hats
  • When you join hiphopandrapbeats.com you get thousand of sounds for $29.99
  • Sounds load into any sampler that excepts .WAV format (most samplers)
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