We produce exclusive hip hop beats for clients who need quality beat production for commercial music releases. This is great for clients who have larger budgets to work with. If you’re looking for music production for your exclusive project or need music for your Movies, CD, Mix Tape CD, DVD project, commercial, film score, movie soundtrack or television our exclusive music production is here to meet your needs. We have various producers who can deliver quality beat production to your project.


All exclusive beats require a license agreement between all parties involved in the project. In which we will supply. We will deliver all exclusive beats in separate tracks for better mixing and a two track audio reference track. With our exclusive custom beats we develop beats exclusively for you. Whether it’s a desired tempo, style, or other needed touches and requirements.


If you’re an artist or label or music executive and need quality production, call us at 877-514-8340 we’ll get the process started.




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